NEXUS 2020/21 – Relationships Between Architecture and Mathematics – International Conference

In September 2018 the RCA conference – Research Culture in Architecture – International Conference on Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration had been organized the first time at fatuk – Faculty of Architecture, TUK Kaiserslautern with great success. The aim of the conference was to stimulate a research culture in architecture, a dialogue across the various fields and disciplines which are relevant for architectural research, in order to discuss the different perspectives on architecture as a whole.

One of the results had been that especially the digital tools lead to digital design thinking in architecture, where mathematics receives an active part of the design development. Mathematics serves as a mediator between the disciplines and as a central element in the integration of external knowledge into the architectural design process. Architecture is today permeated by computerized methods on different levels from designing, modeling, visualization to fabrication.

Therefore, RCA – fatuk decided to present and host together with Kim Williams Books the Nexus 2020/21 International Conference with the focus on the relationships between architecture and mathematics.


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